School Dismissal Manager has become a valuable tool for Samuel Staples at dismissal time. Using this system has enhanced accuracy, and as an added benefit, has reassured parents that their pick-up plans are clear.

- Samuel Staples Elementary School (Easton, CT)


Streamline parent communications with School Dismissal Manager!

School Dismissal Manager utilizes web based technology, allowing you and your school staff to keep track of every child's dismissal plans when there is a change to the norm, and ensure daily dismissals are safe, easy and quick!

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How it works


Securely log in to your school’s customized School Dismissal Manager website and assign another parent or relative to pick up their children ONLY when there is a change to the norm. Parents can also communicate if their child will be taking a different bus, staying after school, or walking home ALL noted on your Daily Dismissal Report.

Mobile Phone

Mobile app for parents on the go. School Dismissal Manager works perfectly on your smartphone or tablet, automatically adjusting to your device. Make or check excusal instructions anytime, anywhere. To ensure security, parents receive a confirmation email every time an instruction is changed.

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School Administrators:

At the beginning of the school year, send us a school roster. We'll send a personalized email to parents explaining how it works. Parents enter excusal exceptions as needed. Each day, just prior to dismissal, School Dismissal Manager will automatically send you an up-to-the-minute dismissal report via email. Exceptions will be listed first, followed by the default excusal instructions. Last minute scrambles for both parents and school staff are avoided and the safety of every student is ensured. It's simple. It's safe.


No more juggling hundreds of scribbled notes and phone messages each week to prepare for dismissal. Time studies show that School Dimissal Manager can take the place of a full time position, freeing up that resource for other important tasks.

Mobile Phone

Reach parents via text message or email! School Dismissal Manager comes equipped with a powerful email and text messaging alert feature. Send instantaneous email or text alerts concerning emergencies, school delays, closures, sports cancellations, child illnesses, etc., directly to parents' cell phones. Parents opt in to receive the text messages.